Back to the Italian South!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn April, after a few days up north in Lucca, I’ll return to the south of Italy for about ten days. This time my two sisters and brother are traveling with me (along with two husbands and a daughter), and I’m so excited to share a few days near Sorrento with them.

Honestly, we are all very eager for this trip. Our beloved mother passed away last September. She was probably with me when I took these photographs in Sorrento in 2004, featuring architectural details from the cloister of a former monastery of Saint Frances of Assisi. It is a beautiful building, and a popular wedding venue. We were both attending Italian language school in Sorrento at the time, and had a wonderful two weeks there. On this trip, we will be in Italy on Mom’s birthday, and look forward to sharing memories of her as we travel together. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I will soon begin posting regularly again. Thanks for your patience, to all my readers!



6 thoughts on “Back to the Italian South!

  1. I recognized the cloister right away as I also studied at Sorrento Lingue just a few blocks away. It was well over 10 years ago and may have been around the time you were there. It was a very pleasant month. I’ve heard the school has moved to other quarters now. Have a wonderful trip – such a beautiful place.

  2. So glad that you and your family are getting to go back to Italy! I’ll be waiting to hear about your adventures there. I’m sure it will bring back memories of when you were there with your mom. Blessings on your trip!

  3. Just looking at the two photos you posted, I feel my heartstrings being pulled and a clear yearning to want to go back to Italy to see everything I could possibly see. My paternal great grandparents were from the Calabria area.
    Thank you.

    • I have loved my visits to Calabria, Michele. It’s been wonderful to find cousins still living there too, in the village where my great grandmother was born. I imagine someday living in Italy for a few months, gaining fluency so I can have a decent conversation with them!

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