How to live in Italy

Look at that beautiful boot! Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Look at that beautiful boot! Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Maybe you want to go to Italy, not as a tourist, but as a resident. I recently found a website which seems packed with valuable information for “expats”. If you imagine moving there, here’s some reading that will help you leap in with your eyes open.

FYI, temperatures in Naples are in the 70’s recently–but so is the humidity.

The online magazine International Living also has many articles about aspects of living in Italy.

FYI, according to the website, the median cost of a three-bedroom apartment in downtown Cosenza is 700 Euro/month (about $910 USD). Outside the city, it’s closer to $500.

A Google search for “living in Italy” returns more than half a million results, so no shortage of information out there. You’ll also find many expat bloggers, and finding one in the region or city you are most interested in can give you a more personal window on life there. To close, here’s a link to one of them, a post on living in Italy by one of my favorite bloggers, Michelle Fabio of Bleeding Espresso, who lives in Calabria.

Readers, do you know of a useful website for someone interested in living and working in Italy? Post about it, with a link, in the comments, please.



2 thoughts on “How to live in Italy

  1. I subscribe to “The Florentine,” a newspaper for English-speaking (expats) in Florence. Love it! They cover events, exhibitions, feature local people, etc. I get the PDF version.

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