Thinking of hiring some Italian family research?

Here’s a video from ItalyMondo, showing some of what is involved with a family history search in Italy. I’m hoping for some similar experiences in Calabria this summer–If only my Italian were as good as the man in this video!!

What family research adventures have YOU enjoyed in Italy? What about research on Italian roots, conducted outside of Italy?


5 thoughts on “Thinking of hiring some Italian family research?

  1. Sorry to hear that you don’t think your Italian is good enough to do research. I thought that you have been in Italy for a few years now. My daughter visited distant relatives of my grandfather’s mother while she was studying in Italy during her Junior year of college. She said that the people in the clerk office bent over backwoods getting information for her. I think when you show up they will be so happy to see you that you’ll get treated like royalty.

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