RE-blog: About Abruzzo

I recently discovered this great blog ‘About Abruzzo’ which is one of my favorite regions of the Italian south. Written by an Irishman who’s been truly bitten by the bug, the blog is full of great insights about the region. One of my favorite features is the photo section, packed with photos from many different places in Abruzzo, and easy to navigate. But today I’m sharing a snip of a recent post, and if you like what you read, click the link to see more!

Three Days in Loreto Aprutino (from “About Abruzzo”)

In the space of a week I received two emails asking about things to do if you had a few days based in Loreto Aprutino.

Although my answer was specific to options in and around Loreto I think the general theme applies to wherever you find yourself in Abruzzo.

  • Explore what the local town has to offer
  • Relax – you owe it to yourself
  • Try the local restaurants
  • Visit other towns within easy reach by car or public transport
  • Walk a little
  • Local events and markets

What follows are my suggestions for what I consider to be a few excellent but not overly packed days discovering Loreto Aprutino and its surroundings.


6 thoughts on “RE-blog: About Abruzzo

    • Wendy, great to meet you! I will be traveling through Abruzzo next summer, heading to Calabria for Ferragosto with my distant cousins. I really loved the several weeks I spent in (mostly) Sulmona and L’Aquila in 2004, and you can see several related posts on this blog. Thanks for visiting!

    • Yes, it is certainly the north end of the south!! I define the south as the former Kingdom of Two Sicilies, K. of Siciliy, K of Naples, the various names of the south. When Pope Celestine V was crowned in L’Aquila, the cardinals had a fit because he was being crowned in the southern Kingdom of Sicily, and didn’t want King Charles II to gain too much influence with him, (But of course it was too late.)

      • Nice. Somebody who knows History finally. Still, when you speak about the South, foreigners have the tendency to think” Sicily” or “Naples” while technically, we are North of Rome so, easier to reach (Pescara has a great airport). That’s it. (the blog is great though, grazie.)

      • One of my earliest posts described what I considered the south, and why. Actually, had it not been for Celestino V I might never have visited Abruzzo, which is a very sad thought!

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