Italian Language Week!!

This week is Italian Language Week in the World. Did you know you can learn Italian using YouTube? There are quite a few options (a YouTube search for “Italian language” gets more than 100,000 hits) so here’s one to get you started. Buona fortuna!

4 thoughts on “Italian Language Week!!

  1. Ha! I purchased the Rosetta Stone Italian software a couple weeks ago. Pricey, but I’m making progress:) I hope to use some small bit of it in Florence in two weeks. Finally! I can’t wait….

    • Great! I used Rosetta Stone a couple of years ago when I ‘thought’ I’d be going to Italy again–but I did the somewhat less expensive online version rather than buying the program. The language school I used in Sorrento in 2004 now offers online live training (using Skype?) –I may try that out to brush up before I go next year. Buon viaggio, Alana!

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