I blogged about Garibaldi a few months ago–and he’s in the news again, 137 years after his death. Kyle, thanks for including this in your daily news post!

Kyle's Daily Bulletin

The body of Giuseppe Garibaldi, a 19th century military leader, will be exhumed after doubt was raised as to whether or not his tomb actually contained his body.  There are fears that the tomb, located in Sardinia, may have been vandalized, and the real body removed and replaced with a fake.

Culture Minister Lorenzo Ornaghi has backed a request by Garibaldi’s family for his body to be exhumed.  Now that authorities have given their approval, the process can begin.  Giuseppe Garibaldi played a crucial part in Italy’s unification, as he was successful in numerous military battles.  He is still loved in Italy, with statues and memorials in his honor found throughout the country.

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