Book Review? It’s your turn!

The fourth Friday each month is when I usually post a book review of something related to southern Italy. But this week, it’s your turn!

What has been your favorite book dealing with or set in southern Italy? Please share in the comments section. Any genre is welcome–fact or fiction, memoir, children’s books, poetry…. do tell!

I’d love your recommendations for books I might review. And after you’ve shared, enjoy the summer weekend with a good book.


4 thoughts on “Book Review? It’s your turn!

  1. I’ve wanted to relate this experience for a long time.
    About 6 years ago I found myself in Scigliano, all by myself for 3 days in a several hundred year old stone house belonging to Anna Maria Sempraviva. Perusing the bookshelf I was delighted to find a copy of E.M. Forster’s “A Room With A View” written in English.. Low and behold there was just such a room on the 2nd floor with nothing but a large window and a comfy wing-tip chair that hugged me. Finding a soft blanket, I wrapped myself up and began to read. It may be the last book I will ever read without the aid of a ‘sight machine’ as I have lost my central vision to macular degeneration since then and now read only audio books. How I loved turning and devouring each page while occasionally allowing myself a glance out the window at the most beautiful view of the green unscarred hills of Southern Italy. I have a great appreciation of those few days all alone in the homeland of my grandparents.
    Thank you, God win perman

  2. Elizabeth Street: A Novel Based On True Events by Laurie Fabiano – While only portions of the book are set in Scilla (Calabria), this novel is an extraordinarily poignant and riveting semi-biographical account of the Italian immigrant experience at the turn of the 20th century.

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