Figs in the pan

We had an early warm spell this year in March and April, giving a boost to fruit crops in our area. That includes my honey fig tree, which produced several dozen figs, and is on it’s way to a second crop–if fall weather lasts long enough to ripen them.

In Sulmona, Italy our landlady for a few weeks, Signora Giusseppina, brought us bags of fresh figs and hung them on our door. They were dark, purplish and dripping sweetness. I’m in a different climate, and my honey figs are pale green even when they ripen.

Late figs 3The figs I have already picked are delicious, and here’s my favorite way to prepare them: Wash them off, trim off the stem, and cut in half from stem to base. The skin is edible, and pretty difficult to remove from a ripe fig.¬†figs raw





Melt two or three tablespoons of butter in a pan on medium-high heat, and place the figs cut side down in the butter. Let them fry until they begin to brown. It won’t take long.

figs fryingTurn the heat down a smidge, and add a little orange juice. Just a couple of tablespoons, from a fresh orange if you have on (though I am not a purist about it). Let that sizzle in the pan for another couple of minutes.

Now spoon those babies out onto a plate and eat them. I especially love them for breakfast, dessert, or as a side with lunch or dinner. In other words, anytime at all!

Now I would like to find a savory fig recipe–so, readers, what do you suggest?figs close


Help me, Blogiverse! I’m losing my figs!

Is there any hope for these figs? I have a honey fig that grows two crops a summer, but my summer hasn’t been long enough for the second crop to ripen. (It rarely is long enough, but this year there are lots of late figs.) The leaves are fading and dropping off, but there are dozens of figs that haven’t ripened. Does anyone have tips for getting them to ripen after picking them? Or what if I cut the branches and put them in water in the house? Or… ??? Fig experts, please help!

This fig tree was a gift from my mother after we visited Italy. Fresh figs were a revelation to me, as I had never lived where figs grow. I’d love to salvage them if they can be used. Take a look at this wonderful concoction and see if your mouth waters!

Do you like figs? How do you like them best? Please leave a comment!

UPDATE!  Good news/bad news. There is a way to ripen the figs, but I have missed the time frame for it!

My friend Karen sent me this on Facebook: