Ski on an active volcano!

“Welcome to Sicily!” Here’s some eye-popping video of skiing on Mount Etna in Sicily (and some other local activities). Technically, yes, a ski company ad–but it will give the daredevil skiers among you an idea of winter sport opportunities in the far south. What would you think about skiing on a volcano while it is actively erupting?


3 thoughts on “Ski on an active volcano!

  1. WOW!! First, I had no idea that there was snow on Etna and people ski on it.

    If I was in Sicily when Etna erupted, I would be looking for immediate evacuation … let alone being ON the volcano while it’s erupting!!! Call me a wimp.

  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely video. My ski trips only went as far as the ski lodges due to my having asthma. That was when I was young. Now I don’t htink I’d even bother going that far.

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