Book giveaway! to celebrate my trip to Italy next month

royalty-free-photo-antique-book-pile-375x500A while back I reviewed Chris Harrison’s  memoir Head over Heel–you can read the review here

I’m making another visit to Italy next month, and to celebrate, I’m giving away my copy of Head over Heel to some lucky blog reader. To enter, please comment, either here on the blog, or on my Facebook page. Tell me where in southern Italy is your favorite place–or the place you dream of going.

Please share the giveaway info with your friends, and good luck!


8 thoughts on “Book giveaway! to celebrate my trip to Italy next month

  1. It’s so hard to choose just one place! I’d have to say that so far my favorite has been Venosa, in Basilicata. The old town is very elegant, paved with white stones, and filled with beautiful old palazzi. Everyone we encountered there was so welcoming. We were only supposed to spend a day there, and then move on to Melfi, but I didn’t want to leave. I think the next time we go to Basilicata, we’ll have to plan on Melfi first, otherwise Venosa will draw me and I won’t get to see it yet again.

    • Karen, Venosa sounds delightful. I have been to Melfi–mainly just toured the castle which is a museum–one of the better such museums we visited, and nearly empty the day we were there. I was particularly interested in the castle because that’s where Charles II (K. of Naples) was when he learned that Peter of Morrone had been elected pope in 1294. A period of history I was researching at the time. :)

  2. My favorite place in southern Italy was Lecce. The city has so much to delight the eye and soul; both architecturally and spiritually. You wander in amazement at being surrounded by
    such beauty. The piazzas, large and small, each have their unique features. The large streets as well as alleyways all lead to discoveries of beauty. The main square contains a Roman amphitheater as well as sufficient space for restaurants, shops and people watching. The
    Church of the Holy Cross off of the square is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Good idea. Haven’t been to southern Italy yet. Visited Rome, Tuscany and Venice. Planning a trip there next year for my 25th wedding anniversary but haven’t decided where yet. My dream is to live there for a year or two and work my way through the entire country absorbing the culture in every way possible. However, I’ll have to be satisfied with short trips (plural, I hope). Enjoy your trip.

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