Re-blog: Sheep kabobs!

Here’s a regional Italian food I’d like to try! We never eat mutton, on rare occasions eat lamb (which I love) so I am intrigued by the sheep-kabobs. Reblogged with permission. Thank you, Maple and Saffron! Check out their blog at

Where the foodies go

All the foodies that haven’t tasted them yet will read carefully through this page; a few will know exactly what we’re speaking about when we say arrosticini; but if you don’t know them, you’d better read the entire post!


We have an old and blessed food tradition in Abruzzo, and this tasty, mouth-watering dish is one of the most genuine and most common to find all over the region.


 Arrosticini, as you can see from the pictures, are skewers made of sheep meat (mutton) chunks (some of you may turn up their noses at this, but believe us when we say they’re delicious!) cooked on a special brazier, which is long and narrow so that the skewers don’t burn.


You can also find them made of different types of meat: liver, lamb, also chicken and pork (but they’re not very common).

Cooking arrosticini is an art: they must be…

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