Re-blog: Italian Christmas traditions, the American way!

Christmas is in full swing where I live, and in most of the world where it is celebrated. Today I’m sharing another blog I found, and I’ll let “Una Mamma Italiana” tell you about her Christmas traditions:

And now I’d like to hear what you do to give your Christmas an Italian touch. I’ve posted before about my family tradition of making torcetti, and will be doing that when my sister arrives from out of town. My daughter has already made hers, across the country. What about you? Please comment!



2 thoughts on “Re-blog: Italian Christmas traditions, the American way!

  1. Lol, we’re doing the opposite here in Italy… incorporating Scottish traditions like smoked salmon canapes and a quaich of whisky passed around after dinnetr to make me feel less homesick! :)

    • We take our history of traditions along wherever we go, don’t we? Hope your Christmas is enriched with some of both traditions. And as a friend said today, May your heart make heaven glad this Christmas!

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