Tornado in Taranto, Italy!

Crazy weather in the Italian south today!! Watch the video.

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Tornadoes can happen in many other parts of the world, even though the U.S. is best-known for its tornadic activity. And one struck the biggest steel mill plant in Western Europe on November 28, injuring at least 20 ILVA steel plant workers and causing heavy structural damage. At least one worker on a crane was reported missing, and divers were searching for the missing person, according to the mayor of Taranto, Italy.

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4 thoughts on “Tornado in Taranto, Italy!

  1. Only tornado I ever saw was about 20 miles from Taranto, behind my house. And I have had plenty of damage from them over the years in Texas; barns sheared in two, trees thrown through windows, horses electrocuted. Kind of ironic. The commentary is classic: “Un tornado……………..cazzo!!”

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