Blog Envy

Harbor panorama of Bisceglie, Puglia (from Wikimedia Commons)

Another blog I follow (on a completely unrelated topic) posted yesterday on their Facebook page that they are creeping up on 50,000 followers, and encouraged them to share with their friends, to put them over the top, with just a couple hundred to go.

Well, here I am down in the small time. Likely today I will hit 10,000 total page views in the entire 18-month life of this blog. And I have… well, let’s say fewer than 100 followers.

So today I am borrowing from the toolbag of the big-time blogger mentioned above, and urging you, my wonderful readers, to share my blog with any Italophiles you know, your fellow Sons of Italy members, a friend planning a trip to Italy, your neighbor with an Italian sounding last name, heck, anyone you know who drives a Fiat or a Ferrari. Or a Ford, because I’m not at all picky.

I would especially love to have your suggestions for topics to cover related to the Italian south, in the areas of food, travel, history, and books or movies to review.

I’m thankful for all of you, and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Blog Envy

  1. I know what you mean. I also would like more followers, but those that do are fiercely loyal. My problem with the blogs about Italy is that they are almost all way too positive and everything is seen through the rose-colored glasses of a tourist. I have been here for so many years that the rose-color wore off a long time ago. I would appreciate more blogs about Italy where the truth of the place, with all its highs and lows, shine through. Love and hate, that is what true understanding of a place reveals. Kind of like life!

    • You’ve given me a good idea–because I do tend to use those rose-colored glasses, maybe more than I should. Now I’m thinking about some kind of “bad experiences in Italy” series. Thanks!! (Though I do have more wonderful experiences to write about.)

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