Following my recent theme of fig things, here is a recipe that has great appeal to me. I only I still had some fresh figs!! (You can see why I don’t in my earlier post.)


Fresh fig and walnut pudding from Campania

Well, I say Campania, because I was in Salerno when the idea came into my head, but it’s not exactly traditional…

I had a load of fresh figs in my fridge because my green grocer knows I love figs and the season is almost at an end. However, they were in all honesty a little too ripe to eat alone or raw and wrapped in a piece of  parma ham the way I usually do (yum!) so I wondered what I could use them for – I really do not like throwing out food, especially something as yummy as figs!

Thus was born the mighty fresh fig and walnut pudding!

I have a confession to make… this was supposed to be a cake, and in fact a pretty much followed the recipe for banana and walnut cake which I am a master at…

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