Do you qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship? Here is Adam Underhill’s story, from his blog “Little Earthquake Travelogues”. Check him out!

Little Earthquake


This post is for those of you who qualify to be recognized as Italian citizens, jure sanguinis (right of blood or through ancestry). If you don’t qualify through ancestry, there are of course other ways to become an Italian citizen. I don’t mean to deliver a laundry list of options and rules here. That’s been done, and a wealth of information can be found on the Italian Dual Citizenship Message Board. Read the stickies under Qualifying – Jure Sanguinis; Qualifying – Jure Matrimoni (through marriage); and Living & Working In Italy, which offers a guide for those of you who don’t qualify through marriage or blood but would like to live and/or work in Italy legally.

My aim here is to give you some more intangible advice, to make things easier for you once you’ve determined that you’re eligible and decided to embark on this journey. Because the truth…

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