“The Viagra of the poor”? Here’s a fun blog post about Calabrian hot peppers and spicy food. Thanks, DUTCHgoesITALIAN!!


The product that is loved the most in Calabria is the Peperoncino, the so called hot chili pepper. In every house you will see peperoncino hanging from the ceiling, and in every dish you will taste it. Oh yes, i calabresi like it hot!

You name it and they use peperoncino; chocolate liquor with peperoncino, gelato al peperoncino (oh yes you can have this type of ice cream in the coastal town Diamante), pasta dishes with peperoncino, sausages with peperoncino, grappa al peperoncino and so much more…

I just mentioned the coastal town Diamante which is located 27km south of Praia A Mare. At the entrance of this town a red statue of the capsicum will welcome you to let you know that Diamante’s true symbol is the peperoncino. To honor this hot jewel the Peperoncino Festival is held every September. This celebration includes concerts, dances, film reviews, street theater and a competition to find the person capable…

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