Wow! This post has a little history, a little food, a dash of culinary tourism!! I would love to take the cooking class that’s mentioned. Wouldn’t you?

Tasting & Living 2016

Palermo is a great place. It’s partly falling down, with rats running around and for the other part it’s stunning and full of hidden treasures. It’s a city full of contrasts.

Obviously the summer is rather hot and sweltering but even in a 35° degree heat, you can’t be disappointed with this great Sicilian city.

For foodies, Palermo is also an exciting destination. The gastronomical heritage of Moorish and Arabian influences are very much present in the cooking traditions. They make the food here very exciting and exotic. One of the oddly interesting stops on any foodie tour of the city has to be the Antica Focacceria S. Francesco. It’s speciality is the spleen sandwich. So not for the faint hearted! If you are looking for good pizza or other ‘classics’ then you are better off somewhere else. However the spleen sandwich is a rite of passage for any lover…

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