Stefan gives some tips for a better Caprese salad, an example of simple and delicious authentic Italian food, and I’m going to try some of these soon!! Does anyone else warm the fresh mozzarella over a bowl of hot water? I have to try it!!

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

Insalata Caprese is almost too simple to blog about, but I do have some interesting tips to provide. At the risk of writing the same thing over and over, this dish is a classic example of Italian cuisine that relies completely on the quality of the ingredients. Use the best flavorful ripe tomatoes you can find, fresh fragrant basil, the best extra virgin olive oil you can afford, and last but not least the best mozzarella you can afford (and find!), preferably buffalo mozzarella.

Real fresh buffalo mozzarella is very hard to find outside of Campania, the region around Naples in Italy where it originates. I’ve had it a few times when I was visiting the region. Because of the freshness it is outstanding and has a completely different texture from the same mozzarella after a day in the refrigerator. When driving around in Campania, there are mozzarella producers all…

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