I loved reading about Zac’s adventures in Calabria, and his photos! Had to SHARE!

Zac, Global Citizen, Reporting

I spent the last few days sans Internet, in a hostel on the south-western coast of Italy. Without the use of much technology I was able to turn my mind off. Some would say this would mark the start of my most recent decent into madness. But rather, it would seem to have started before we arrived on the hillside that would be our home for five days.

Pass the time. For the traveler, a time honored way to pass the time arrives as a book. While in Roma Termini, I was presented with an opportunity to purchase a book, written in Italian. With an upcoming stretch of time I would be spending in solitude and, without the distraction of Internet- I bought one of my favorite stories. La Metamorfosi by Franz Kafka has brought me great joy, as I stumble through the pages (there are many words which I…

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  1. This is wonderful! I loved it. The comment about the underwear made me laugh out loud. I would subscribe to Zac’s blog, but couldn’t find how to do that. I’m not with WordPress. Maybe that would work.

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